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Administrators, also known as admins or sysops, are trusted users in Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Wiki. Administrators are all just normal users, but with access to a few extra tools that allow them to keep the wiki a nice place.

Administrator's abilities[edit]

Administrators have access to some different abilities than other users, including:

  • No rate limits on account creation, moving pages or uploading files.
  • The ability to delete or restore a page, and to view a deleted page.
  • The ability to delete, edit, or toggle an article comment.
  • The ability to protect a page so that only certain users can edit it, and permission to edit any protected page.
  • The ability to protect certain aspects of the wiki in the case of extreme vandalism.
  • Permission to edit the site interface, such as the sidebar and sitenotice, or the site skin.
  • The ability to block a user from editing GBC Wiki.
  • The ability to move files.
  • The ability to assign Patroller, and Chat Moderator rights to users.

Administrators are not:

  • Better than other users.
  • Owners of the wiki.
  • Administrators do not have more of a say in wiki matters than a user without administrator rights.

Who are GBC Wiki's administrators?[edit]

Active administrators[edit]

Name Talk Page Email Contributions
ALittleSlow Talk Email Contribs
ToaMeiko Talk Email Contribs